The Boats (Vallangal)

The boats of Kerala are categorised and named as per their shapes, sizes and purposes
1.Chundan vallam (Snake Boat) ---- 2.Veppu Vallam (Parunthuvalans) ---- 3.Iruttukuthi/odi vallams ---- 4.Churulan vallams

Chundan vallam (Snake Boat)

Chundan vallams are supposed to be Navy boats of Chempakasserry rulers. It has got a length of more than a hundred feet and usually more than a hundred people are on board. Both the ends of the boats are raised from water level. The rear end has a height of about twenty feet from the surface of water. Nearly eighty six persons are rowers, ten to fifteen are to give the rhythm, four are to steer the vessel. It is to be specially noted that the Chundans have the maximum maneuverability among all sorts of race boats. The Chundan (Snake Boat) variety of Race Boats is usually 38 ½ to 48 ½ koles (One koles being equivalent to 24 inches) long and accommodates 100 to 150 persons.

Karichal Chundan

According to the history , people of Karichal area owned a snake boat more than one hundred and 20 years , this new boat was launched in 1970 . It is 51.25 koal long and 50 angulam by breadth .it was constructed by a team lead by Koyickal Mukku Narayanan Achari and has won Nehru Trophy (including two hat tricks) in 1974,75,76,80,82,83,84,86,87,2000 and 2001.This boat has a history of winning several trophies (payippad vallamkali, mannar mahatma jalolsavam, indiragandhi jalolsavam, Rajiv gandhi trophy- pulinkunnu, Kantassam kadavu, karuvatta leading channel, champakkulam vallamkali etc.) for its credit.
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Payipad Chundan

Hatric winner of NT 2005, 2006, 2007 for Kumarakam Boat Club.The old chundan couldn’t achieve the trophy even after 3 decades, which could be achieced thrice within 5 years the new Payippadan.Owned by the villagers of Payippad

Anari Puthen Chundan

People of Anaari owned a snake boat since 1905 , as the old boat got aged , they built a new boat ( puthan = new ) by 42.5 koal long and 56 angulam by breadth. This boat is jointly owned by 110 stake holders and has won several trophies in its long history.

Vellamkulangara Chundan

Formerly known as Napoleon Chundan. The boat race committee of Vellamkulangara purchased a boat from Sri Pooppally Cherian P Varghese. This boat is 54.25 koal long and 50 angulam by breadth. Is owned by 136 stake holders and was rebuilt and launched in july 1981 and has won Nehru Trophy in 88 and 2002.

Cheruthana Chundan

Local leaders of Cheruthana area purchased this boat from Maramon about 100 years back . In 1971 the boat was rebuilt and got extended to a size of 51.25 koal long and 50 angulam by breadth. Under the leadership of Sri N Narayanan Achari. This boat has a history of winning several trophies for its credit.

Valiya Divanji Chundan

Constructed in 1928 at Nedumudi , later purchased by people of Ayaparambu area. It has won Nehru Trophy in 1979. the boat was rebuilt in 1979 to a size 51.25 koal long and 50 angulam by breadth. By a team lead by Sri Prabhakaran Achari. This boat is owned by the local Nair Service Society.

Karuvatta Chundan

Upto 1978 this boat was known by name Patcha Chundan at Kuttanad. It is 43.75 koal long and 52 angulam by breadth.

Veppu Vallam (Parunthuvalans)

Veppu vallams are said to be boats that were used to carry stores for the soldiers on board the Chundans. “Vaipu” became Veppu” by usage. Vaipu in Malayalam means cooking. The design and appearance of these vehicles differ from all other race boats. The length of Parunthuvalan varies from 28 ¼ to 32 ¼ Koles and it accommodates 28 to 36 rowers.

Iruttukuthi / odi vallams

They were used for smuggling. It is to be noted, they are seen in plenty in the costal areas near Cochin and suburbs. Their very design is for speed. Both the ends are alike. Maneuverability is little, practically nil. They are never turned and rowed up only in shuttle between, by turning round the rowers.The Odi, also called Cheru Chudan has a length of 28 ¼ to 32 ¼ Koles and has 40 to 60 rowers.

Churulan vallams

The Race Boats "churulan vallams" are boats having a capacity to acommodate about 45 persons and are designed as passenger boats.The ends of these types of boats are shaped as a Circular ring (Churul in Malayalam).